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Sevyam means “SEVA-BHAV”– In your service.
(Having rich experience of 10 + Years)
(Have the highest number of patients treated with ECP with magical results in all over Rajasthan)

Sevyam Treatments is a team of committed and dedicated human beings to take 360-degree care of patients. We started our services in Jaipur more than 10 Years ago with the name of SAAOL HEART CENTER and we are the pioneers in providing ECP (External Counter Pulsation Treatment – A US FDA approved non-invasive heart disease treatment). We have the maximum numbers of patients treated with ECP along with complete life style modification in all over Rajasthan.

Mission – To provide complete non-invasive qualitative health care services under one roof.

Earlier we were in Heart care services only, During the expansion process now we are coming with some more classical advanced medical treatment under the Brand umbrella of “ SEVYAM “ Our brand itself reflects our goal of “  IN YOUR SERVICE “

Now SEVYAM is coming in some more medical services in HEART CARE, DIABETIC FOOT, BURN INJURY, WOUND HEALING, NECROSIS, RESPIRATORY DISORDERS, SKIN DISORDERS, DETOXIFICATION, ANTI AGING etc along with complete life style modification training program.

To be always in people’s service with highly qualified care.
We always want to remain in service of humanity, wherever and whenever people need Sevyam, we will have to be present there and then. In the coming few years Sevyam will continuously expand it’s services in other cities and will adopt all non-invasive qualitative advanced medical treatments to provide excellent and standard care under complete medical supervision to the persons needed.
Advanced Medical Treatments

ECP Treatment USA FDA Approved for Heart Patients suffering from Angina, Chest pain, Heaviness, Breathlessness, Coronary artery disease, Heart failure cases (Low – Pumping of Heart LVEF<35%, Unsuccessful Stents and Bypass Cases, Patients don’t want to go for interventional procedures. We are a pioneer provider of ECP treatment in Jaipur.

HBOT Treatment – For Diabetic Foot, Wound Healing, Gas Gangrene, Burn Injury, Necrosis, To curb Adverse Effect of Chemo and Radio Therapy, Stroke, Anaemia, Sensory Neural Deafness etc.

Ozone Treatment – For Rejuvenation, Healing, Detoxification, Anti Aging, Anti Inflammatory, Immune System Stimulator and as an associated treatment in many chronic diseases like CAD, Cancer, Gangrene etc. Widely used in many western countries.

Salt-Cave Treatment – For Benefits in many Respiratory problems like – Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinus, Allergies and Skin Problems. Widely used in many western countries.

Sevyam Life-Style Modification Program Compact Program for Heart Patients, Yoga, Pranayama, Walking, Oil-Less Food Etc.



Sevyam treatments are on a path of growth and development with strong fundamentals. We are already established with a decade of service as one of the top non- invasive center in the country, but that is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the vast initiatives and progress the center is making.We are keeping abreast of the latest knowledge and also adopting leading technology, in order to give patients our best team. In the last 10 + years we achieved excellence in Non-Invasive cardiology services and life style modification. Our aim is to bring complete Non-Invasive healthcare services under one roof to save people from unnecessary surgeries. This is the work by which we can serve our society.

Mr. P.R.Mookim