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ACT Therapy

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ACT Therapy

The heart is the most important organ of the human body. It breathes life within us by pumping blood and supplying it across veins. So, keeping it healthy and arteries clean becomes our duty to provide it with a long life. Artery Cleansing Therapy (ACT), also known as Chelation, is helping patients at Sevyam to keep their bodies fit. Along with the renowned ECP treatment, ACT helps achieve the goals of opening up arteries for blood flow.

How does the ACT process work?

ACT Therapy is a chemical process to cleanse the heart arteries. A chemical solution called ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid or EDTA is infused into a patient’s body during the procedure. Once it’s injected into the bloodstream, it starts cleansing the heavy metals and toxins. In addition, it assists in softening the blockages so that they get flushed out.

Chelation means to bind. The chemical solution does the same by grabbing the unwanted heavy minerals and metals like mercury, iron, calcium, arsenic, iron, copper, aluminium and others.

“ACT works at its best along with complete lifestyle modification to see the significant reversal of heart blockages”

Even the FDA has approved the ACT therapy on patients. Even for lead poisoning, it is pretty beneficial. The harmful metal gets flushed out through the kidneys.

Experts believe that EDTA gets along with calcium and removes the plaque that obstructs the flow of blood. This process removes a high risk of heart-related problems for a patient.

Moreover, some experts believe that ACT works as an anti-oxidant for the body. It removes those metals that may combine wtih LDL cholesterol and harm a person’s heart.

As per the understanding, once metals and minerals that flow slowly in arteries get removed, the flow of blood becomes swift, and the functioning of the heart becomes smooth.

Moreover, after combining the ACT therapy with the ECP treatment, several patients have felt relieved and recovered faster.