Heart disease and Heart Health Anxiety

Heart (anxiety) neurosis is also called as Cardiophobia or Da Costa’s Syndrome. It is also one of the anxiety disorders. The one who is affected believes to suffer from heart disease or a heart attack. The heart of a patient is healthy but the fear of getting a heart disease cause problems in the patient.

What Is Heart Anxiety Neurosis? 

According to Dr. Ralf Berthel, a specialist in Internal Medicine and a Senior Physician at Martin Luther Hospital in Berlin, was an expert and has written an article about Heart Anxiety neurosis in the B to C magazine of German pharmacist ‘APOTHEKEN UMSCHAU’.

Heart sting, palpitations, shortness of breath, and patients with cardiac neurosis believe they feel symptoms of a heart attack but are physically completely healthy, but where does the complaint come from?

Experts estimate that up to 5% of the population suffered from their so-called functional cardiovascular disorder. ‘Mostly younger patients, whose age is between 18 to 40 years, suffer from it’ explains Dr. Ralf. A famous Poet Berthold Brecht, also has been a patient, who apparently suffered from heart neurosis as a young man.

The Heart Attack Which Is None!

Some patients with Heart Neurosis feel discomfort over a long period that resembles a heart disease, the experience, the symptoms as very threatening, frightening, and very real the more they turn their attention to it. It may be tachycardia and palpitation but also heart pain that often radiates to the left arm and other symptoms that may include a stinging or a burning sensation in the heart area as well as pressure and tightness in the chest.

Important to know is that such symptoms can actually indicate heart disease, such as a heart attack. Therefore, it should be investigated immediately by a physician if they occur for the first time. However, in patients with Heart Anxiety, a thorough investigation must be done to justify that the heart is completely healthy; nevertheless, the complaints keep coming back.

Does the doctor find no physical causes after such an attack, the patients often do not feel any better, or even if they do, then it is only for a short period of time. It is difficult to consider the possibility that the physically noticeable symptoms could be Psychosomatic, the symptoms clearly seemed to come from the heart often enough this is just the beginning.

Fear of Fear:

Afraid of aggravating the alleged heart problems, many of those affected try to protect and resist themselves in their daily activities, possible consequence, supposedly serious heart symptoms sometimes occur more frequently. Because overall fitness has declined, people with Heart Anxiety suffer from the fear of fear. They constantly observe themselves and worry about their heart which gets them into a permanent state of alarm, usually they are not even aware of this.

Cause: The Psyche

For Heart Anxiety, there usually are no physical causes. The symptoms usually arise by conscious fears, internal conflicts and are transferred to a different destination, in this case to the heart.

Dr. Berthel states that Heart Anxiety can be triggered by stressful life events such as separation, occupational problems, accidents, illness and other health problems or death of a close person. Many sufferers actually know a patient who had a heart disease.

Sufferers interpret a single heart tipping or a pulse which is a little bit faster than normal as a sign of a life-threatening disease. The expert, Dr. Ralf explains that by this fear, which increases and activate the nervous system, the pulse becomes even faster, the patient is breathing faster and experience dizziness

A cardiac neurosis may also occur in conjunction with other mental illness such as depression disorders.

It is very important for a person to understand whether the person is actually suffering from Heart Anxiety or not and a thorough investigation must be conducted before coming to any conclusion. After that, if the patient still suffers from this disorder, then he or she must consult a psychologist for further evaluation.

Getting a precautionary treatment in wellness reduces the chances of getting a heart attack. ECP / EECP is a way to be safe about it. It is a natural heart treatment without surgery that also reduces stress and anxiety of the patient suffering from heart health anxiety.

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