Heart is the busiest and important body organ, which pumps 24 * 7 to circulate blood, nutrients and oxygen to all other body organs. Heart is situated at the centre of the chest 2/3 left and 1/3 right between both lungs. Heart also needs supply of blood and nutrients to work smoothly. The tubes that supply blood and nutrients to heart are called coronary arteries.

Generally, 3 main tubes supply blood to heart. These are

LAD (Left Anterior Descending)

RCA (Right Coronary Artery)

LCx (Left Circumference)

In some cases, there is one extra coronary artery also present which is called RAMUS.

LAD and LCx are originated from Left Main (LM). LM is the most important artery which supplies almost 70 % blood to the heart. From this 70% supply, LAD supplies nearly 50% and LCx supplies nearly 20% blood to the heart. RCA supplies rest almost 30% blood to the heart.

These main arteries are further divided into small tubes and then these small tubes also divided further into small fine arterioles. All of these arteries forms a spider web like structure.

In the internal heart structure, Heart is divided into four chambers –

2 Atriums on the upper side-

RA –  Right Atrium (First Chamber)

LA-    Left Atrium (Second Chamber)

and 2 ventricles on the lower side –

RV – Right Ventricle (Third Chamber)

LV – Left Ventricle (Fourth Chamber)

This fourth chamber LV is the most important chamber that pumps blood to the whole body











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10 months ago


Lucy Alura
Lucy Alura
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