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Behavior and Its Relation With Heart Disease

Behavior and Its Relation With Heart Disease

Type “A” and Type “B”

Nature of Type A person:

  • Hard Driving- once they start any work; they cannot rest idle till their work is done. They will continue putting their best all-around efforts to get the job finished at the earliest. Their stress level remains high till they complete their duties.
  • Competitive- they have a highly competitive attitude, they will try their best to be on the top, for this, they will try very hard and apply any kind of effort so that they are not second.
  • Aggressive- They have an attacking behavior. They get provoked by the slightest resistance and fight even if it was not required. They will challenge others and invite them for a quarrel.
  • Reactive- Their reaction to incidents happening are instant, and last for a very long time.
  • Short of time- they always have more work than they can handle and ultimately cannot handle, so they are prone to more stress.
  • Workaholic- Type A person can work very hard and without any rest or break. They are fast achievers. They love their work and remain addicted to hard work.


Nature of Type B person:

Type B people are usually opposite to type A. they are relaxed and easygoing, even if the work is not properly done or incomplete. They do not get annoyed. They accept things as they are. They are co-operative and flexible, unlike type-A people who are stubborn and non-co-operative. They would like to make friends, gossip on any topic, and have a wide area of interest. They mix with people very quickly. They do not try to show off and do self-praising. They appreciate criticism, take them positively, and learn from criticism. They would admit their mistakes and accept that they can be wrong. Even if they get defeated, they take it sportingly.

Type B people are calm and quiet and take less stress in life. They forgive and forget their enemy/opposition, and that makes life very easy for them. But type A people remember all enemies throughout life and keep recalling their insults for years. Type B people take life as they become and are rarely angry. They appreciate others’ accomplishments and praise them. Type B people have less ego and can enjoy fan. They love smiling and laughing, which is just the opposite of Type A behavior.

The study suggests, given the nature of type A people as mentioned above, they are more likely to suffer from blockage. This type of behavior increases the blockage deposition and hence is more likely to suffer a heart attack.

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