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ECP Heart Treatment

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How ECP can change a heart patient's life?

ECP gives comfort to patients suffering from heart diseases. Moreover, even without surgery, people feel better with this treatment and find a cure. They are always under the observation of experienced doctors.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that you may be living a healthy life after a surgery. So, a patient has the best chance to lead a better and healthy life with Sevyam. The money sought by hospitals is too much. So, the patient gets more troubled by the bills, too many medications and side effects that stem from that.

The ECP treatment is safe for patients and does not require any operation of the heart like bypass or open heart surgery. Patients get scared by acknowledging that. Sevyam helps an ailing heart patient recover quickly without allopathy medicines.

Also, the therapy is completely safe with no side effects on the body. For a successful heart treatment with ECP, a patient must attend 1-2 hours of daily ECP sessions for 40 days. It shows great results on the heart. It is well documented and thousands and thousands of people are moving to keep their health in check.

The ECP therapy or treatment is attached with eating habits, change in the daily routine, yoga, meditation, spas, proper exercise regime and other holistic healings at Sevyam. The package with the ECP works wonders on the patient’s overall health and fitness.

Benefits to a heart patient through ECP

ECP is an FDA approved treatment for heart patients.

ECP has been there for more than two decades now and has given hope to people ailing from heart diseases. They got cured. Sevyam in Jaipur is becoming decisive for treating the problem.

ECP also tells how hard the heart needs to work to remain fit. Thus, the treatment provides multiple benefits to people.