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Ans- The heart treatment Sevyam offers to its patient is non-invasive. That means there is no surgery or operation carried out to treat people ailing with heart diseases. Instead, the External Counter Pulsation technique can deliver a cure.

Ans- Yes, it is because angioplasty & bypass surgery needs dissection of the body. So, one has to bear marks of operations following by prolonged medications that may have side effects. However, with ECP treatment offered by Sevyam, there's no such issue.

Ans- No, it is absolutely fine. There are no side effects to the treatment offered by Sevyam through ECP. It is great and non-invasive. Thus, it is more secure than any other treatment.

Ans- Any patient who is suffering from coronary artery disease can take Sevyam ECP heart treatment. It is safe and sound for patients.

Ans- Yes, you must take the treatment of ECP treatment as a precaution so that you do not suffer from any heart disease after the surgery. It will help keep arteries clean.

Ans- It has plenty of benefits for people with heart EF - It gives the quality of life to people - Improves angina symptoms - Improves collateral circulation - Boosts regeneration process

Ans:- If you take Sevyam ECP treatment, your heart blockages will start opening with the therapy. Each session will help recover your body from heart disease, and you'll see the heart rate improving significantly.

Yes, the treatment offered by Sevyam is less costly compared to bypass surgery. Also, it is way more effective with no pain or discomfort.