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Heart Attack in a Women – Causes, Signs and Simptoms

Heart Attack in a Women – Causes, Signs, and Symptoms

Women mostly are less likely to survive their first heart attack because maybe the symptoms differ between the sexes; women are more likely to have a silent attack or display unusual symptoms.

Also, female biology create unique risk factors for heart attack as some diseases that increase risk such as PC OS are not present in male biology

A study published in 2003 of 515 women who had experienced a heart attack reports 80% of women had at least one symptom at least four weeks before their heart attack. Symptoms may come and go or be constant.

8 of symptoms of a possible Heart attack are:-

  1. Chest Pain

In both males and females, the most common symptom of a heart attack is chest pain or discomfort.





Even though, women can experience a heart attack without having any chest discomfort, around 29.7 % of the women surveyed in 2003 experienced chest discomfort in the weeks before the attack and 57% had chest pain during the heart attack.

  1. Extreme or unusual fatigue

Fatigue is experienced just before the events occur. Even simple activities that do not require much exertion can lead to feelings of been exhausted.

  1. Weakness

Feeling low or trembling is a common symptom of a heart attack in a female.

This weakness may be accompanied by:-

– anxiety

– dizziness

– fainting

– feeling light-headed

  1. Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath or heavy breathing without exertion especially when accompanied by fatigue for chest pain may suggest heart problems.

Some people may feel short of breath when lying down and symptoms of easing when they are sitting upright.

  1. Sweating

Excessive sweating without is another common heart attack symptom in women. Feeling cold and clammy can also be an indication of heart problems.

  1. Upper body pain

This is usually nonspecific and cannot be attributed to a particular muscle all joint in the upper body. Areas that can be affected include:-

– Jaw

– Neck

– Upper back or either arm

The pain can start in one area and gradually spread to another or it may come on suddenly

  1. Sleep disturbances

According to the study, almost half of women reported issues with sleep in the weeks before they had a heart attack.

These disturbances may involve-

– Difficulty getting to sleep

– Usually waking throughout the night

– Feeling tired despite getting enough sleep

  1. Stomach problems

Women may feel pain or pressure in the stomach before a heart attack. Other digestive issues associated with a possible heart attack can include:-

– Indigestion

– Nausea

– Vomiting

  1. Risk factors

Risk factors for heart attack in women include:-

– Age

– Family history

– Health status

– Medical condition

– Lifestyle choices

– and many more correction of a healthy lifestyle is a must

You should always be aware of your health so contact your nearest heart hospital or EECP treatment center to be aware of your cardiac health


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