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At Sevyam, the team of professional and experienced heart specialists understand your health demands and serve the same with utmost quality. We are one of the best heart doctors in Jaipur who cater to every patient and treat them until they overcome the diseases completely. The perfection and quality service we serve at Sevyam makes us different from others in the city. 

With our patients, we build a cordial relationship, offering a healthy environment to discuss the problem and get adequate yet a most-precise treatment. Even research has proved that heart doctors that can build a relationship with the patents are more successful than others. This becomes essential in the case of heart patients, and that’s what we bestow to our clients/patients. 

We commit to deliver high-end treatment for cardio-related diseases. So, you won’t find a reliable and robust competitor of ours in the industry. Our entire team of doctors includes specialized heart doctors with years of experience in tackling diverse cardio diseases. We include a vast list of experienced doctors; Dr. Naresh Kumar Mohanka are two renowned names from the list. These doctors have worked hard to take Sevyam to new heights, making it the best medical treatment for the needy.

Irrespective of their experience, every doctor undergoes ECP training. This training helps them better understand the patients and cure their cardio problems faster and better. Whether you need heart treatment or therapy, we can take care of everything. We make sure you return home with no health problem. From the day of diagnosis, till 100% treatment, our professional heart doctors in Jaipur take care of every single patient and periodically evaluate their recovery. 

Now, let’s take a glimpse of heart specialists.

Who is a Heart Specialist?

In simple terms, a heart specialist is a heart doctor who can understand your current cardio problems and help you maintain a healthy heart as long as possible. Visiting a heart doctor in Jaipur will lessen your death probability due to cardio attack or other heart-related diseases. A professional specialist will diagnose your heart issues and treat you according to your current health condition. Our ultimate motto is serving for society, and that’s what Sevyam means, i.e., ‘Seva Bhav.’

What does a Heart Specialist Do?

A heart specialist prevents heart-related diseases from harming your body. They are experienced in treating symptoms for heart diseases; some of them includes:

    • Heart attacks
    • Heart disease (or coronary artery disease)
    • Heart failure
    • Heart rhythms (or arrythmias) 
  • Valve problems

Many of you think that doctors are only visited when you aren’t feeling well. However, this mythology is entirely wrong as meeting a heart doctor also teaches you to stay healthy and keep your heart accompany you for years to come. There are multiple reasons why you should make an appointment with your doctor and undergo health checkups. 

Physician Recommendation: Most of the family physicians recommend visiting a Heart Doctor for routine checkups. This way, you stay assured of a healthy cardio physique for long.

Heart Pain: Heart pain is a common problem nowadays, yet you shouldn’t neglect it. In whatsoever scenario, you should take your heart pain seriously and consult the heart specialist in Jaipur.

High Cholesterol Level: Nowadays, people commonly have a high cholesterol levels. Whether you have a hereditary disease or due to an unhealthy lifestyle, high cholesterol is the root cause of numerous heart diseases.

High Blood Pressure: Today, people prefer keeping in-house blood pressure tracking machine. If you find high blood pressure, you should immediately consult a heart doctor in Jaipur and undergo appropriate treatment to control your blood pressure and ensure the healthy functioning of your heart.

Smoking Addict: If you are a smoking or drinking addict, your body is at high risk for heart diseases. Regular smoking/drinking increases blood pressure, blood clotting, and various other internal problems that result in cardiac arrest and numerous other hearth diseases.

Looking to Hit Gym: Many of you prefer undergoing complete body checkup before hitting the gym, to avoid unexpected issues associated with their body (especially heart). 

So, what are you waiting for? Let us take care of your heart! Do visit us and meet the best heart specialist in Jaipur for all heart-related issues.

Commonly asked FAQ about Heart Disease:

If you are consuming the cholesterol-lowering drug, can you eat anything?

If you continue eating junk food alongside cholesterol-lowering drugs, it won’t cause any benefit to your body. Instead, cholesterol may rise with time. So, it’s better to lower your cholesterol and saturated fat intake. This way, your cholesterol-lowering drug can work properly.

In old age, high blood pressure is common?

Undoubtedly, the blood pressure rises with age, but still, there is a normal blood pressure level, which you should acknowledge. With age, the arteries become stiff, forcing the heart to pump harder, increasing blood pressure. However, if you experience high blood pressure more often, it’s a negative sign, and you should immediately consult with a heart specialist in Jaipur.

Regular diabetes medicine won’t cause heart disease?

The role of diabetes medicine is to lower your blood sugar level, which is essential to prevent microvascular complications. However, this medicine doesn’t have much impact on the blood vessels that may inflammation due to diabetes and increase the risk of cardiac arrest. So, alongside diabetic medications, you should also put a hold on your unhealthy lifestyle and care about your heart correctly.

If you are smoking for years, you won’t get rid of heart disease?

The impact of smoking for years is indeed terrible, yet this doesn’t mean you can’t live a healthy life. Instead, getting treatment at the right time and following as instructed by your heart specialist can bring your life back to normal. However, your first step towards a healthy heart and life starts with quitting your smoking and alcohol addiction.

Reach us today for heart problem issues and get 100% quality consultation added with the most appropriate treatment.

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