How blood pressure and sugar affects the Heart

Nutrition studies show that while sugar-sweetened drinks are linked to elevated Blood pressure. Healthier foods that contain some sugar do not share the same relationship.

Sugar was linked with a 10% increase in blood pressure.

The journal of the American Heart Association says The foods source matters

Many dietary guidelines for sugar are based on evidence that sugar is harmful but we should not necessarily extra palate that to whole fruit or low-fat yogurt.

Dash Diet, which is a very fruit-forward diet for the treatment of hypertension.

What is DASH DIET?

Dietary approaches to stop hypertension emphasize whole fruits. It emphasizes whole fruits, Vegetables, Low-fat dairy, grains, and legumes nuts. Blood pressure and sugar are both aspects of metabolic syndrome, a condition that includes obesity and heart disease. The combined impact of sugar and blood pressure can increase the risk of heart disease even kidney disease also.

There are three ways in which high sugar levels in the blood can increase blood pressure.

  1. The blood vessels lose their ability to stretch
  2. The fluid in the body increases especially if sugar is already affecting the kindly
  3. Insulin resistance may involve processes that increase the risk of blood pressure

Also having one or both conditions increase the risk of various complications:-

  • Heart attract
  • Stroke
  • Kindly problems
  • Peripheral vascular disease

Do not take

  • High Fat
  • High Sodium
  • High Alcohol
  • Low Level of Potassium

Do this

Maintain healthy weight do some activity healthful dietary choices quit from smoking and Alcohol. Take leafy vegetables to eat Berry, Beetroot, Banana, seeds.

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