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ECP Heart Treatment

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How ECP treatment removes heart blockages without surgery?

Technology has moved to the pinnacle with people can avoid heart surgeries for getting arteries pumping blood like never before. External Counterpulsation (ECP/EEP) is a completely safe treatment that is least expensive and cast out heart blockages without surgeries or putting scars on a body. There’s no blood loss or syringes injected as the modern-day allopathy treatment does.

ECP treatment is a therapy that works strongly on blockages and softly on the ailing person. It slowly but steadily resolves most of the heart related ailments and te patients remains in the position of ease.

Procedure of ECP treatment

EECP or ECP works with a registered trademark. The therapy with the machine consist of three pneumatic cuffs. These are responsible for opening the blockages of arteries from the heart and provide the needed relaxation and cure. These cuffs are attached to upper and lower thing and to legs (at calf) or hip region.

xThese cuffs are connected with a computer that sends them messages for inflation and deflation. The R wave denotes the timing of the inflation of that electrocardiogram. For offering the optimum blood movement to the heart vessels, the therapists adjusts the deflation and inflation timings as per the reading of finger plethysmogram waveform.

It allows the retrograde blood flow in the aortic counterpulsation, it flourishes the venous return and blood flow’s diastolic augmentation. Thus, during the diastole, it improves the coronary perfusion pressure.

After a short while, before the onset of systole, the cuffs deflate simultaneously. It reduces the vascular resistance, decreasing the cardiac workload. It also assists the systolic unloading.

Primarily, the course of the treatment is around 1 hour. It may continue until 35 days before the patient gets better in health. However, if the patients is willing to take slight workload, doctors can offer two sessions a day. But it depends on the conditon of the heart and the body.

Moreover, the duration of the couse can be increased in patients with the little imporvement or bludgeoning issues. The additional and extended hours of treatment depends on the case-by cases basis. Patients who present with angina initially, their progress gets measured through intensity and symptom frequency. There may be repeat EECP/ECP treatment required in some patients based on the recurring issue.

Benefits of ECP

  • Increase in energy
  • No chest pain anymore
  • The use of nitrogylcerin reduces significantly
  • Improved EKG response
  • Supply of oxygen surges