IS Sugar really evil in our diet?

It is difficult to accept but humans only had access to sugar for a few months a year when it the season of fruits, some 80,000 years ago. In today’s century, sugar hits come all year round but with less nutritional value. Just by simply opening a soft drink or cereal box, you get the unnatural sugar rush. Our modern sugar intake is less healthy than it was back in time. Sugar, today is a public health enemy number one.

A study backed this theory that; it established that people who ate 25% or more of their daily calories as added sugar were more, than twice as likely to die from heart disease; than those who consumed less than 10% Type 2, dm also is attributed to added sugar intake. Two research studies in the 1990s found that women who consumed more than one soft drink or fruit juice per day were twice as likely to develop diabetes as those who rarely did so.

A recent study has shown that sugar may help improve memory and performance in older adults. A small amount of glucose was given to the research participant and asked them to perform various memory tasks. Some other participants were given a drink containing an artificial sweeter as a control. It was measured the participant’s levels of engagement, their memory score, and their own perception of how much effort they had applied.

The results showed that consuming sugar can make older people more motivated.

Lack of nutritional value – Sugar is an empty calorie, adding it to food and drinks. The body usually digests this food and drinks quickly and hence it means that they are not a good source of energy.

1. Weight gain –

In most cases, sugary foods and drinks are high in calories, consuming too many of these products will lead to weight gain. Even with regular exercise. Excess dietary sugar is a cause of weight gain

2. Diabetes –

There is a link between consuming sugary drinks and developing type 2 Diabetes. Sugar is said to be the cause of diabetes is not true. A high-calorie diet of any kind can lead to type 2 diabetes.

A metal Analysis of data from 310,819 people frond that those with high consumption of sugary drinks had a 26% greater risk of type 2 diabetes than those with low consumption.

 3. Tooth cavities –

Sugar Consumption can cause tooth decay, which may lead to the development of cavities, after eating sugar, bacteria in the mouth form their layer of plaque over the teeth, and this bacteria reacts with the sugars in foods and drinks. This releases an acid that damages teeth.

4. Heart Disease –

High sugar diets may increase the risk of heart disease. The results of a 15-year study suggest that people with a lot of added sugar in their diets are significantly more likely to die for heart diseases than people with limited amounts of added sugar in their diet.

To maintain a healthful diet, it is best for males to consume no more than 36gm of added sugar 1 day and for females to consume no more than 25gm a day.

Sugar an unnatural sugar are unhealthful, however, consuming a natural source of sugar is better for health than consuming added sugar.


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