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Minerals and Vitamins for a Healthy Heart

Minerals and

Vitamins for a

Healthy Heart


There are so many vitamins and minerals out there that, without even a little help, it can be hard to narrow it down and know which ones are best for supporting heart health.

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Vitamin D-

More and more studies are pointing to the fact that a Vitamin D deficiency can put one at risk. Vitamin D is produced by the body more so when you are out in the sunlight. It also helps to regulate blood pressure. However, factors like getting less exposure to sunlight, obesity, and age can lead to a deficiency. Many turn to supplements to get daily Vitamin D.


Magnesium is a mineral found naturally in dark green vegetables, nuts, and whole grains among other foods. A deficiency of Vitamin D has been linked by certain studies to higher blood pressure. and to get one’s daily values of magnesium, people explore supplement as their options or focus on eating magnesium-rich foods like raw spinach, soya bean, avocados, and even dark chocolate


While technically an enzyme, COQ10 works hand in hand with the vitamins in the body. More studies are showing that it may be a helpful ingredient. It is found naturally in the higher concentration in most meat, soya bean products, and nuts. The relatively low concentration of COQ10 in commonly eaten foods. However, it may be necessary to take a supplement to get enough COQ10.

Folic acid-

Folic acid is often referred to as vitamin B9, another one of the many possible vitamins for heart health. This vitamin helps to regulate the amount of homocysteine, an amino acid, associated with a possible risk of blood clots found in the bloodstream. Natural sources high in vitamin B9 include broccoli, lettuce, Brussel sprouts, and asparagus.


Potassium has long been known to regulate blood pressure levels. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help you reach the recommended daily value of potassium, which according to the food and nutrition board at the Institute of Medicine is 4700 mg of potassium. While bananas are often said to be high in potassium, potatoes have about twice as much potassium in the typical serving.

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