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Organic food and conventional food

Organic food and conventional food

A lot of people are confused as to which type of food is better between organic and regular conventional foods.

A lot of people believe that conventional food is healthier and beneficial than organic food. However the importance of this to provide you with detailed information on both organic and conventional foods, citing their beneficial shortcoming and facts that will educate you on what to expect from both food groups-


  1. What are organic and conventional foods?

Organic food refers to the agricultural products that are grown in the process without the use of fertilizers growth regulators, livestock, feeds, pesticides, additives by engineering genes, organic farming is controlled by regularization which differs from country to country.

The main concept of organic farming is to grow food without the use of synthetic material or genetically electrically modified crops.

Conventional foods farming farmers utilize chemical fertilizers to enhance plant growth conventional foods are made using pesticide chemical herbicides. In animal, raining conventional farmers administers antibiotics and growth hormones to improve the growth and well-being of the animals


  1. How can I make the difference between organic and conventional foods?

Identifying produce from an organic form is easy in most food markets there is an organic food section.

You can easily find organic food products at the organic food section in a majority of food markets across the United States and other major markets around the world.

Most fruits and food shelves have the inscription organic boldly written on them.

They are also inscribed on packages of milk, eggs, cheese, and other single-ingredient foods labeled made with organic ingredients many contain up to 70% of organic content while food labeled organic contains more than 95% organic content.


  1. What is the research says? 

A lot of studies have been carried out to compare the safety of conventional foods consumption and most time we study to prove that foods are made with pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, antibiotics, and other conventional methods of food. Production is safe for consumption for both children and adults, all there are still concerns regarding the effect of chemicals used in conventional food farming on human health and on the environment. A lot of scientific research has carried out to determine which packs more nutritional value between organic and conventional foods, for example, researchers at Stanford University published an article in 2012 after reviewing more than 200 studies of organic and conventional foods and arrive at the conclusion that organic foods are and conventional foods are of the same nutritional value or at least organic foods do not contain a higher amount of nutrients compared to conventional foods.

In 2014 a research carried out by the European scientist and published in the British Journal of Nutrition discovered that organic and conventional fruits and vegetables provide the same level of nutrients which includes vitamin C, minerals, and Vitamin E.


  1. List of foods worth buying organic

There are a lot of foods that are preferred to be consumed from organic sources only, an example of such foods are:-

Apple, celery, peanut butter, potato, strawberries, baby food, blueberries, peaches, milk, tomatoes, green grapes, bell peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers, cherries, spinach, wine, coffee, corn, soy, leafy greens.

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