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Risk Factors for Coronary Heart Disease and Heart Attack

Risk Factors for Coronary Heart Disease and Heart Attack

In one sentence, coronary heart disease means the deposition of fats inside the tube, which supply blood to the heart muscles.

The disease starts as early as 18 years of age, and patients only start knowing about it when the blockage exceeds about 70%.

The symptoms of this blockage, which reduces blood supply in the heart, are felt by the patients are called Angina. These blockages develop over the years because of many reasons, and if they continue, the existing blockage further grows and one-day leads to rupture of the membrane covering the blockage because of increasing pressure. Because of this rupture, some chemicals are released from the broken membrane, which mixes with the blood and leads to clot formation, which is known as a Heart Attack. This clot causes a 100% blockage, and no blood flows to the heart muscles. This gives rise to severe chest pain or breathlessness, and the heart patient can also die due to this.

The reasons which increase the blockage are also addressed as the risk factors as they lead to a heart attack. Most of these risk factors are changed by our efforts and are also called modifiable risk factors.

List of modifiable risk factors:

  1. Food-related 


    – intake of oil and blood level of triglycerides.

    – Intake of animal foods

    – Less intake of fruits and vegetables

    – Excess intake of calories

    – Excess salt leads to high BP

    – Excess sugar intake in diabetes



  2. Habit related 


    – Smoking and tobacco

    – Intake of alcohol

    – Not doing Exercise/walking



  3. Stress-related 


    – Stressful personality

    – Stress sue to mismanagement of life

    – Excess stress from outside

    – Reactivity



  4. Biochemical and Misc 


    – High BP

    – High Blood Sugar

    – Low HDL

    — High LDL and VLDL

    – Central obesity

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