We are working in non-invasive cardiology since 2008. We count 12+ Years is a good enough experience to understand different types of heart disease patients like heart blockages patients, heart valve patients, Heart failure patients, PSVT Cases, Cardiomyopathy, Cardiomegaly cases, Congenital heart disease cases and others.

Fats and oils are considered as main reasons of a Heart blockage. It means, if we take more of them, then there are higher chances of having heart blockages.

Many times it happens – A patient comes to us and say to our doctor-

Sir: I am a vegetarian,

I don’t take fat foods

I don’t take milk and milk products

I don’t take alcohol

I am a non-smoker

I use very less edible oil

I do walk regularly since very long

I do yoga and pranayama

I am a stress free person

Still I have blockages in my heart, How?

It is a common problem of many patients, the reason behind is “OUR GENETICS”

It may happen, if we have family history of heart disease (coronary artery disease), It appears in next generation. In more simple words-

If your father / For fathers have heart blockage disease, it may appear in you also.

Liver is the cholesterol producing organ in our body. In some people liver produces excess cholesterol, it starts depositing in arteries of heart and produces heart blockages.

If your father’s liver tendency is producing excess cholesterol. It may happen that your liver may also produces excess cholesterol even when you don’t take cholesterol (Fat) rich foods.

That’s how “Genetics plays an important role in heart disease”

If you have family history of heart disease, go for regular medical tests after 25 years of age, like Lipid Profile, HBA1c etc. Keep an eye of your cholesterol level and triglyceride level. After 30 years of age go for regular “Preventive Heart Check-Up” as per the advice of your doctor.

At any point of time if you feel any heart diseases symptoms like chest pain, breathlessness, chest heaviness, shoulder pain, back pain, exertion, Jaw pain, Walk through angina etc. You need to meet Cardiologist in the city urgently.





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Lucy Alura
Lucy Alura
7 months ago

Was diagnosed of Coronary Heart Disease in 2018. I was extremely short of breath. My doctor started me on lasix and digoxin, the medications helped but not very much. My primary care doctor referred me to Herbal HealthPoint, i immediately started on their CH-D FORMULA. I had a total decline in major symptoms including angina, sob, fatigue and others. Go to ww w. herbalhealthpoint. c om….

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