Sevyam Introduction and Heart Disease Introduction

Sevyam Treatments Center Jaipur is providing non-invasive Heart Treatment in Jaipur since 2008. We started our medical services with the name of Saaol Heart Center Jaipur in 2008. We provide EECP / ECP Treatment, Artery cleansing treatment (Cardio detox) along with specifically designed complete lifestyle management for heart patients.
Since inception we have treated more than 1000 heart patients without surgery. We have dedicated team of healthcare professionals which includes heart specialist, eecp specialist, assistant doctor, qualified nursing staff, health and hospital manager etc. they take extreme care of all our patients.

Heart disease is more a lifestyle disease than a genetic one, after a certain years of age whatever excess fat we eat gets deposited in our body arteries which results in blockage formation. These blockages may develop anywhere in our body and create obstruction in the blood flow and increases body fat. Fat deposition sites are mainly heart arteries, skin layers (mainly on stomach, face, neck, hands and feet), and neck arteries.

The main problem appears when fat gets deposited in heart arteries and creates heart blockages. Generally when blockage is less than 50-60% we do not feel any symptoms. Heart needs 30% blood flow when we do brisk walk / run, 20% blood flow when we walk normally, and 10% when we are at rest so a person with less than 70% blockage can do all the activities like walk, run, play etc.

When heart blockage increases more than 70%, we feel chest pain, breathlessness, heaviness, shoulder pain, left hand pain, burning sensation in the centre of the chest, jaw pain, back pain etc. and then we go to consult our doctors and if we have some significant problem, we either visit to cardiologist in our city or started searching best heart doctor in our locality. then go for further investigations to find rule out the medical condition of us and then go for further medical management, invasive, non-invasive treatments, medicine management etc.

It means when blockage reaches till 70% most of us don’t know that we have this much of blockage in our heart tubes.
Many times it happens that Patients with prolong history to diabetes feel less or no symptoms while having significant percentage of blockages (70%, 80%, 90%)

Blockages deposition happens inside the inner wall of heart arteries and when blockage increases continuously it creates a pressure on the inner wall of the heart. This wall has elastic property and it stretches till its capacity and after that it breaks and blockage comes in contact with the blood and makes a clot and becomes 100%. It is called a “Heart-Attack”. This artery membrane capacity varies from person to person. It may happen it breaks in a 70% blockage in a person and may not break till 99% blockage in another person. So after 70% of blockage it may convert into a “Heart-Attack” at any time.

After a 30 years of age we need to do regular health check-up’s once in a year and the persons have heart disease family history they need to do some tests twice a year like LipidProfile, HBA1c, KFT, LFT, CBC, ECG, BMI, BMR and as suggested by your doctor.  Our lifestyle after 30 years of age must be healthy, Do regular walk 40-45 mins/day or 10,000 steps a day, yoga, pranayams, have fruits and vegetables, cut nonveg, milk, ghee, fatty foods and fast foods.

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Lucy Alura
Lucy Alura
7 months ago

Was diagnosed of Coronary Heart Disease in 2018. My doctor started me on lasix and digoxin, the medications helped but not very much. My primary care doctor referred me to Herbal HealthPoint, i immediately started on their CH-D FORMULA. I had a total decline in major symptoms including angina, sob, fatigue and others. Go to ww w. herbalhealthpoint. c om. This herbal treatment protocol totally reversed my CHD condition..

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