In the ongoing pandemic situation due to Coronavirus, health has become a primary concern for every individual on the planet. With increasing death rate across the globe, it has become a critical situation where you must take care of your body and boost your immunity.

Many of you already know that people with heart diseases are more vulnerable to this ongoing pandemic disease. That’s why self-quarantine and social isolation is suggested to everyone, especially for old-age people and heart patients. Moreover, visit the best Cardiologist in Jaipur as soon as you diagnose any heart-related issue.

Still, heart patients need to boost their immunity and keep their heart-healthy. But how can you do that?

Below listed are some tips that will help you strengthen your heart and keep a healthy heart.

Restrict Sugar Intake & Refined Carbs: In this situation, when everyone is self-quarantined, it’s essential to restrict your sugar intake and avoid taking soft drinks, pasta, bread, or other processed food items like pizza, burger, etc. Instead, you should prefer eating unrefined whole grains that can benefit your body and strengthen your heart. Some of the unrefined whole grains include brown rice, bran cereal, oatmeal, multigrain bread, etc.

Increase Food Items with high Fiber: High fiber food regulates the LDL cholesterol and provides you enough nutrients required for a healthy heart. Fiber-rich food also stays in the stomach for long, adding the feeling of a full stomach. This way, you can stay longer without eating much. Moreover, eating fiber-rich food ensures healthy digestion and avoids excessive absorption of fat by your body. Tomato, carrots, wheat cereals, etc. are some good sources of fiber. Prefer beans, nuts, citrus fruits, pears, etc. for soluble fibers. 

Put an End to Processed Food: In this critical situation, most of the processed food stalls are already inactive. Still, many people make processed food at home that also harms your body, especially your heart. Chips, biscuits, cookies are some of the common processed foods which not only affect your diet but also degrade your health. Instead of processed foods, you can opt for raw vegetables, fruits, salad, etc. which gives you enough nutrients and minerals to keep your heart and other body parts healthy.

Workout Regularly: Above all, regular exercise will not only improve your immunity but boost your mental strength, which is a necessity in this lockdown tenure. You can adopt from aerobics, running, yoga, or other normal to moderate workout that doesn’t impact your heart much. Yoga is highly recommended to maintain your health and boost your immunity. However, persistence is essential to get positive results of yoga. So, add exercise to your daily routine and make sure you never miss a single day without workout.

During the ongoing lockdown across the country, every individual must take care of their elders and especially heart patients. In case of any emergency, don’t wait for any solution; reach out to the best heart hospital in Jaipur and get the patient treated immediately.

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