Many people can live a strong, vibrant life after a heart attack if they make lifestyle changes to improve their heart health.

A heart healthy diet is one of the best ways to keep your body in good shape and prevent future problems.

In general, you should reduce your intake of

Saturated fats



Your nutritionist can help you with specific guidelines for adjusting you diet-

1. Fried food-  Reducing your blood cholesterol after a heart disease is one of the top methods for lowering your risk of future problems, saturated and trans fats can lead to high blood cholesterol and a build-up of plaque in your arteries, for this avoid all kind of fried foods.

2. Hot dogs and other processed meats- Processed meats like hot dogs and lunch meals are loaded with sodium and nitrates. This can raise your blood pressure and your risk of heart attack, avoid all kind of meats.

3. Sugary baked goods- A healthy diet limits sweet treats because they often contain saturated fats that raise your blood cholesterol and refines sugar that sends your blood sugar levels sky-rocketing. Processed sweets may also contain sodium that you would not normally expect in a sugary snack, if you have sweet tooth, switch to fresh fruit if you are a craving sugar.

4. Salted nuts and snacks- To earn a smart diet for heart disease, you need to take note of where salt slips into your diet. Unexpectedly, nuts rich food with good cholesterol are good, but try to switch from salted to unsalted ones. Read nutrition labels and keep an eye on how much salt is in your favourite crackers or chips.

5. Milk Chocolates- This is not the worst food to eat, but dark chocolate is much better for you, milk chocolates contain more sugar and gat solids than the darker version. If you are trying to improve your diet, after a heart disease and you are a chocolate lover too, go for darker chocolates.  

6. Condiments and cream sauce- Sauces are sneaky, adding refines sugar and fat to your diet, condiments such as salad dressing and ketchup may not seem sweet but they contain sugar that can raise your blood levels, it is best to make your own dressing, so you can control the ingredients.

7. Sugar soda- Sodas packed with sugar can raise your blood sugar levels and add stress to the walls of your arteries, increasing your risk for heart problems. Cut back on sodas and add more water to your diet.

8. Fatty red meat- Many experts don’t consider red meat to be a heart healthy food. The problem is that often red meats are loaded with extra fat that can increase your cholesterol levels which ultimately increase your heart blockage.

9. Too much alcohol- Alcohol can put stress on your arteries by raising your blood pressure and blood sugar. Also drinking alcohol can impair your judgement and lead you to make poor food choices that are not good for your heart.

10. Baked Goods- Cookies, cakes and muffins should be rare treats, they are typically loaded with sugar which leads to weight gain, they are also link to higher triglyceride levels and that can lead to heart disease.

11. Pizza- Pizza can be healthy if you make it in the right way, but most takeout pizza and frozen pies have staggering amounts of sodium, fats and calories, it raises your blood cholesterol and triglyceride level and these are the two main causes of heart blockage.

12. Butter- Butter is high in saturated fat, which can raise your bad cholesterol and make heart disease more likely. It is better to replace butter with less harmful olive oil or vegetable oil based spreads, which contain heart healthy mono and poly unsaturated fats.

13. Canned Soup- Soup can be easy to get more vegetables, protein and fibre. But watch-out for unhealthy ingredients, canned soup often has lots of sodium which can cause high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and heart failure.

14. Ice cream- it is high in sugar, calories and saturated fats, so save it for special treats only. Eating foods loaded with fat and sugar leads to weigh gain. It can also drive up your triglyceride levels and lead to heart disease.

15. Potato Chips- Chips are one of the foods that contribute most to weight gain and not only are they loaded with saturated fat, they are also covered in salt, which also not good for heart.

For all heart patients try to minimize the consumption of all of the above edibles to minimize the risk of heart attack. If you still develop any heart disease / heart attack symptom, consult to nearby heart hospital in your area or search cardiologist near me and meet the doctor urgently.

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