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ECP Heart Treatment

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What is ECP Heart treatment?

The heart pumps blood in the body. So, it helps in circulating the blood to every organ. Today, heart-related problems are growing quickliy in every home. ECP (External Counter-pulsation) is the gift of modern medical Science.

The ECP is a non-invasive treatment that means a heart patient does not need to undergo any surgeries. ECP can help you mitigate heart diseases related to the coronary arteries of the heart. A padded table is used for the treatment where the patient lies down for the treatment. For administering the mechanical form of treatment, specialist doctors apply inflatable cuffs on different body parts, including upper legs, lower legs, and buttocks externally.

The process of inflation and deflation are synchronised electronically. AIling people feel a hug-like sensation in their body during the treatment, moving up from calves to buttocks’ region during inflation.

The ECP treatment compresses the blood vessels firmly in the lower limbs of the body. That helps in speeding up the blood supply to the heart.

Moreover, the treatment may encourage the development of extra blood vessels. It results in opening up small channels that potentially become branches. These collaterals act as a natural bypass and save the perils of invasive treatment. The angina problems are not there as the blood reaches the heart muscles in a considerable amount.

Notably, these cuffs inflate and deflate regularly during the heartbeats’ resting period. Moreover, it increases blood circulation. The prime principle of the ECP heart treatment is that it escalates the blood returning to the heart in larger amounts. Thus, the oxygen supply reaches the areas that have scarcity. It allows the heart to work more efficiently than ever before. Thus, the congestion or pain in the heart reduces significantly.